Mademoiselle Meme

Muse + Tastemaker

Mademoiselle Meme is a digital media lifestyle magazine featuring the musings, travels and tastes of Editor-in-Chief Meme. For all lifestyle luxuries, Mademoiselle Meme presents an au courant curation of fashion, food, arts, and travel to create a single destination for all happenings. Here, the world of Mademoiselle Meme and today’s tastemakers are fused to create a new approach to the art of living.



MEME: noun / [mee-mee] / ميمي

The Founder of Mademoiselle Meme.

Marwa Biltagi, whose nickname is Meme, is the California-bred brains behind Mademoiselle Meme.  After graduating with an art history degree and relocating to the United Kingdom, Meme officially launched Mademoiselle Meme in early 2015. It remains an international fashion and lifestyle website, with content inspired by Meme’s ever-changing home base, including Los Angeles, Oxford, Edinburgh, Dubai, New York, Silicon Valley and now Princeton.

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