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May 11, 2017

Images taken and owned by Mademoiselle Meme.

Back in September during NYFW, we stumbled upon the Museum of Ice Cream in Manhattan on its last day before closing. The colorful window display made it hard to miss, not to mention  seeing a guy enjoying a 6 inch pink and blue ice cream soft serve atop a waffle cone—it was a colossal, crave-worthy treat.

Unfortunately, the NYC exhibition was closing shop, until its recently relocation to Downtown Los Angeles. It has just arrived on the West Coast and tickets have sold out, with extended dates expected to drop tomorrow online (which will most likely sell after Kim Kardashian’s visit this afternoon.)

Situated in a Pepto-Bismol pink building is the Museum of Ice Cream, just off the main road in the Arts District. The multi-room exhibition includes a California-inspired theme for LA along with Californian ice cream brands scattered inside the museum offering the ultimate sugar-coma delicacies. The interactive museum encourages visitors to engage all their senses and upon entry begins with a chocolate tasting at an ice cream cart sponsored by Dove chocolate.

Room 2 is an tribute to the City of Angels, decorated with cotton candy in all hues and a sign that reads “Venice Cream” that mimics Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney sign. Several other LA landmarks are present, like the Hollywood Stars on the floor playing on pop culture figures like “Marilyn Mintroe” and “Fresh Pint of Bel-Air.”  Tall, golden waffle cone palm trees with bubblegum pink palm fronds surround reinvented LA cross streets that read Strawberry & Vine. With the pink and yellow palm frond wallpaper of room 1 now behind you, you are greeted with a complementary Earl Grey Biscuit ice cream scoop from Downtown LA’s McConnell’s.

Onto room 2, but don’t miss the metallic pink banana scratch-and-sniff wall paper! Pink and yellow bananas dangle from the ceilings in bunches, and two swings make for the perfect Boomerang shot. Exit the banana room past the golden waffle cone walls and enter the mint room. My/Mo mochi in mint chocolate chip is served inside the pastel mint greenhouse with two long planters growing different species of mint leaves. Make sure to experience their different aromas before heading into the rainbow sherbet room.

Carnival mirrors in rose gold stretching from the floor to the ceiling lead you to an arcade claw machine for one chance to win a cotton candy waffle cone or an iPhone case. The walls are adorned with Meyer lemons, ice cream slogans, and half-rainbow glass attachments protruding from the walls. After the sherbet room awaits the room of melting popsicles.

Then comes gummy town which features large displays of colorful gummy bears and more free food (this time, a handful of gummy bears in assorted flavors). Moving along, you enter an art display by Abel Bentin made of golden ice cream cones with black melting scoops of ice cream sticking out of the walls. Take a free cone with a scoop of black cookie dough on top, you’ve earned it. But it’s still not over.

Continue into the sprinkles pool play area and take a dip in the pool with heart floaties and pink bubblegums. The pool is filled with 100 million tiny plastic sprinkles (the sprinkle surprises you’ll find in your socks later make for great souvenirs). The last room in the museum has a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich swing and a chance to enjoy an ice cream sandwich made with pink buttermilk pancakes, a much-needed snack to enjoy while playing a game of ping pong. Craving more? Exit through the gift shop where you can purchase candy, iPhone cases, t-shirts, and more.

The Museum of Ice Cream is currently sold out until August so buy your tickets fast!