October 17, 2015


November 3, 2015


October 29, 2015

Nail colors should change by the season, reflecting not only the weather but our mood and fashion choices. It is easy to opt for a festive red, goth black and arctic white, but we want chicer options. We’ve picked many classic A/W shades, all with a little more edge for the nail enthusiast. These lacquers wont cause you buyer’s remorse, like that “nude” that ended up looking like your grandma’s go-to bronze, or that “pearl” that resembled White-Out.  Instead, we found hue essentials like the perfect bottle of red and a flattering shade of grey. Tried and tested by yours truly—get your paint on.

SEEING RED: It can be difficult to find the best variation of red considering the thousands of options on the beauty market. We found a shade that goes with every skin tone, has no shimmer, and doesn’t look like a candy apple. This red is absent of coral, pink, and orange tones prevalent in many selections. It is the quintessential, classic red every girl should own.

Malaga Wine, OPI

ONE SHADE OF GREY: We have seen many greys on the market recently. Unfortunately, they either have no depth of hue with a duller, more industrial look (not flattering in any light) or the color is borderline lavender and has lost all its grey matter. Dolce & Gabbana has provided one of the more wearable, soft greys on the market.

Tahitian Grey, Dolce & Gabbana

FRENCH BURGUNDY: We adore this color, in any of its variations. You can take more earthy tones of brown to resemble a marsala or purple tones for eggplant. To get that mixture of deep red with purple undertones, opt for this. In our opinion, it is one of the best shades of burgundy on the market, and one of the bottles we constantly restock.

Bahama Mama, Essie

NUDIST: Summer is over, but we still want nudes. It is key to avoid pinkish nudes that channel spring and instead try for a more mute, sand color for A/W. Palais Royal offers just the right amount of brilliance without looking pastel. Still confused? Let’s just say this hue matches the numerous camel-color outfits Kim Kardashian has been rocking since 2014. It transcends seasons, but is the better nude for fall.

Palais Royal, Dior

MILITARY NAVY: Our obsession with navy polish probably began when “Emily” (played by Emily Blunt) from The Devil Wears Prada rocked it against her darker, goth outfits of Chanel and Saint Laurent. It is also an alternative for those who think black polish is too dark for their taste.

Bleu Cobalt, YSL

FEELING GREEN: A deep, British-countryside green is compulsory for fall and should be paired with khaki and olive pieces like structured military coats. Christian Louboutin’s green is subtle enough where mani-conscious gal pals will be able to identify it’s distinctly deep green.

Zermadame, Christian Louboutin

BLANC: White is fierce when it is the right white shade. What we love more this season is Zoya’s Aspen matte white. Matte provides us with a frosty, winter white manicure to rock during snow trips.

Aspen Matte Velvet, ZOYA

METALLICS + SHIMMER: Our favorite time to rock metallics and glitter-specked polish is during the winter months. It stands out against our usual all-black-everything winter looks, but also tops off our holiday season getups. Gold and silver are classics, but we have also added Chanel’s golden top coat to don on an accent nail. Swap the usual black manicure for a black glitter polish this season.

State of Gold, Dior

Gold Sparkle Top Coat, Chanel

Amarapura, NARS

Blackout, Tom Ford