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February 16, 2016


February 15, 2016

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by Editor | Mademoiselle Meme

As Part II of the “LA” themed party series, it is only right to discuss the most delicious detail of any party: the dessert table.


Fortunately, when you have co-hosts that make delectable food, you don’t have to worry about main dishes for your event. Otherwise, I usually cater. And that is what I did for the dessert table. Most of the desserts were ordered from professional bakeries. Custom red velvet cupcakes, with the Beverly Hills insignia topper, came from Sprinkles in Newport Beach. I wanted white and dark chocolate cake pops in assorted flavors to dust with edible gold I found from Sur La Table (no skills required). In Newport Coast there is a premier cake shop called Sweet & Saucy that designs aesthetically beautiful desserts, all in miniature sizes. Black as one of our accent colors made the dessert table easier as I could order many dark chocolate items. Some of my favorites from Sweet & Saucy: miniature key lime pies, cappuccino cheesecakes and milk chocolate salted caramels.

Dessert table set up takes advance planning. Do yourself a favor and invest in at least one cake stand. It can be used for more than just cakes, like a three-tier cheese stand. For this party, I used three stands, creating a high-low height contrast, as seen on most dessert spreads. Cake stands can be found just about anywhere. Don’t spend more than $20 unless you are buying one of fine china. I have found cake stands at the local Home Goods store in ivory porcelain from Europe. Steer clear from renting, it costs more than if you were to purchase a stand. As for the coordinating ivory porcelain platters, we also recommend purchasing them. I am shocked when people host gatherings and use disposable foil dishes or a mishmash of platters. This is why throwing a party is a skill, it’s these minor details that count. Purchase an array of dishes of varying sizes that all coordinate so you can use them time and time again. I purchased mine once and have used them for every event since, and it was much cheaper than if I had rented them. (I also recommend chafing dishes for your warm foods. What is this trend of cold food at parties?)

Have a table cloth! This is what takes your dessert display to the next level. I opted for a crème brûlée diamond wreath Lenox cloth. But for bigger events and parties, I rent either an extravagant runner or table cloth. In Orange County, Wildflower Linens has one of the best selections of linens and can create one custom for your table. Even if you are not local, check out their website for ideas so you can create your own with a quick visit to the fabric market.

For extra pizzazz, I topped the mini key limes with “Eat Me” signs I had purchased in Scotland from Paperchase. My co-hosts and I added a banner to the wall along with some of the decorative fans we had leftover. Extra roses were arranged into small vases on both sides of the single-tier cake. I placed the confetti balloons in varying heights behind the wall to add extra heights to the overall table display. Did someone say “Instagrammable“?

Keep an eye out for Part III highlighting the DIY flower runner. Missed Part I? Click here. Questions? Send us a message!