February 17, 2018


February 28, 2018


February 24, 2018

Image taken by @iamshooter in Los Angeles, January 2018 wearing vintage fox fur and Haute Hijab scarf.

by Editor | Mademoiselle Meme

When I started Mademoiselle Meme, I had big dreams. But never did I think that my dreams would seem so small to what actually happened to this platform. In just three short years, I have collaborated with artisans, artists, and connoisseurs of various fields—all of whom add to the luxury and arts this platform is dedicated to. The website has gained a wonderful readership and community that has always added to the conversation about eccentric designers, exotic travels and the underground subjects that are featured here. It is a thrill to see readers interested in the unusual, the outlandish and the lesser known topics covered on Mademoiselle Meme. I am happy to see the website grow, but especially when it comes to pieces about fashion. It is only a dream to think of gaining recognition from international fashion magazines. The fact that it has happened numerous times is extremely humbling and has reassured me of this platform’s place in the conversation of fashion and the value of its perspective on modest fashion in particular. It has always been part of the backbone of Mademoiselle Meme to never do paid content, ads, or anything that wasn’t sincerely coming from what I want for this website. I am happy that sticking to these values has not held the website back and has given it a more meaningful place in the industry. Having the trust and confidence of the readers is more important to this brand than compromising our content for what we do not even believe in. It is with integrity and openness we will continue to operate and I sincerely hope you stick around for the new adventures planned for 2018!