May 13, 2016


May 13, 2016


May 13, 2016

Images courtesy of Botte and Mademoiselle Meme.

Brands featured as Noteworthy are usually selected for their integrity and originality. Botte manifests these qualities in every facet of their product. They are a designer brand who work honestly at their métier.

We are fortunate enough to have known the Botte founders for several years. The California natives are now sharing their talents and tastes for design and are producing a wide range of accessories like “The Slouch Weekender” duffle bag and the Bermuda Pouch. We had a casual conversation with the team behind the brand and shot some of their collection with our flower wall in Los Angeles.

Based out of Los Angeles, Botte is one of the few brands hiring artisans to make their collections by hand in the United States, a fact that Botte is very proud of. The founders have their hands in every part of the process, from the sourcing, designing, and even the production. “We want to make sure you understand that each Weekender is handmade by a skilled craftsman or craftswoman using a material that has unique properties.”  It is about creating an experience for their customers, producing pieces that have had a story, personal touch, and purpose. “It’s just a bag, but yet it has a soul.” Botte, as a result, spent much time finding the craftsmen and sourcing materials from people who have the same vision and love for their craft. The founders have consciously contemplated every detail. For instance, they use European burlap for their Weekender bag, an environmentally-friendly fabric used heavily by Go-Green enthusiasts and designers.

Upholding integrity in every step of their creations makes for a collection that is “curated and intentional”. In this way, Botte transcends fashion seasons and the requirement for collections to premiere at least twice a year. It is their goal to introduce products when they are fit for release, rather than be limited to a certain timeline of creativity to produce and rush productions which can often lead to cutting corners. It is not about the money, it is about something greater. Botte sees this as a new way to shop.

One piece we are coveting is the exceptionally versatile Nomad backpack with contrasting straps. The Italian leather used along with other pieces from the collection was specifically picked so that it ages and enhances in its elegance. It is one of those leathers that gets better with age (think Restoration Hardware).

A client who shops Botte is “a modern nomad: someone who values travel, adventure and exploration.” With that vision in mind, Botte has introduced the perfect companions for someone on-the-go, or for someone who wants an elegant piece to fit their lifestyle. They appeal to the conscious buyers, one who understands the fine nuances of shopping for high-end goods that are also functional.

Though Botte has only just launched, we couldn’t resist asking about the future of the brand, seeing as to how wonderfully its debut has been received. They spoke about preserving the vision and soul of Botte before anything else. “We insist that our products do not harm humanity, that our artisans are treated with dignity and that we’re fair and honest with out customers.” Keeping the integrity of Botte intact comes before expansion.

Botte has created more than a collection of accessories and bags, they have fashioned a complete aesthetic for what their product could be in your life (check out their incredibly artistic Instagram, one of our favorites). It is a brand that encourages a nomadic lifestyle. The Botte lifestyle.

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