March 13, 2015


March 13, 2015


March 13, 2015

Despite the array of designers in the eyewear market, it is surprisingly difficult to come across one with quality and innovative design. Glasses that are not just “cool,” but also in tune with the emerging trends of the millennial generation remain elusive.

In the age of technology, social media and blogs have closed the gap between consumer demands and brand responsiveness. In particular, the ability to communicate to fashion houses has made it imperative that designers listen to their audiences. The autumn/winter shows of fashion month that concluded on Wednesday attest to this changing reality. An impressive amount of bloggers present in the front-rows demonstrated the importance of securing the reputation of one’s company on blogs and social media. The need to be validated by the online community that could easily promote or demote you has created a different relationship between brands and buyers. In light of the way the internet has transformed fashion, labels, like Louis Vuitton for instance, have reinvented themselves, creating products that appeal more to a younger generation spanning ages 18- 35. Consider the upsurge of products like backpacks, tech accessories and even tennis shoes, all goods popularly used amongst this age demographic. It will not be an older age bracket wearing Chanel trainers or holding a Moschino teddy bear iPhone case.

Illesteva, a brand that is capitalizing on this dynamic, is setting the bar for all others to follow. Whether you are a hipster, rocker, or glamazon, Illesteva has created a line that consumers of all ages and aesthetic preferences crave. Established in 2010, this luxury brand has become one of the leading designers in the eyewear market. Their specs are handmade in Italy and France and deliver a delicate modern touch to glasses. A combination of classic styles with downtown New York City vibes aptly describes their collections. Illesteva carries more than just opticals and sunglasses; among their products are leather goods (they had backpacks before the trend) and umbrellas made with hand-finished leather. It is no surprise that entertainment moguls on social media like Beyonce and Sam Smith are sporting their products. Illesteva has collaborated with many icons and public personas, which has not only helped attract their youthful consumer base, but also keeps the brand relevant.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the brand anymore, they introduced the “build your own” glasses feature. It allows you to customize a pair of Illesteva specs with a unique selection frame shapes, frame color, lens color and arm coloring. Catering to the consumers for complete personalization of their products secures for Illesteva’s reputation as a top eyewear retailer.

Check out Illesteva’s Mademoiselle sunglasses on Instagram and our picks below.