December 14, 2016


December 14, 2016


December 14, 2016

Images above taken on iPhone and owned by Mademoiselle Meme. See them on Instagram here.

We take most our photos on iPhone. Carrying around an SLR isn’t efficient anymore with the fast-paced and finicky social media world that wants everything with utter immediacy. Unless we are shooting landscape, or the weather is expected to be poor, we don’t lug around a heavy camera. As a result, we need quick and easy apps to edit our photos and clean up flaws from bad weather or day-to-day “imperfections”. Being able to take a great photo is one thing, being able to transform it via editing is another.

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This Google app is the one we use the most. If you are to download only one of these apps, this is the one to get.

While based in Europe, one issue we faced constantly was gloomy weather. It makes the landscape grey, the photos dull, and the flat lay photos indoors shadow-ridden.  We needed to find the best app to target this issue without changing the photo’s integrity. Many apps simply have “brightness” or “shadows” features (as does Snapseed) which can ignore smaller areas that need specific tweaking. Snapseed has a “Brush” tool we always use to brighten up those areas without it being overexposed. This is done by highlighting areas with the “Brush” with a swipe of the finger. “Healing” is a great option to make a simple imperfection in the picture disappear. “Details” is also useful for sharpening your photos, or smoothing out photos for a more airbrushed look.


VSCO Cam comes with a wide array of filters, many which are free. We primarily use this app for filters, contrast, and sharpening. There are also options to change the hue tones, making it cooler or warmer. Check out the option for correcting skin tone when a photo has been overedited.


Have a photobomber in your background? Make them disappear, amongst other things, with a simple highlight.


We use Facetune sparingly. One way we use this app is for flat lays. It smooths any table imperfections we find after photographing. If there is a certain beauty flaw we find that could be cleared, like a cold sore or unnatural blemish, we will gently remove it. We don’t recommend using this otherwise as one can get carried away with editing everything from waistlines to eye color. This app can make you look unlike yourself. The worst thing someone could say is that we look different in person than on social media. It’s about looking better in real life, after all.


If looking to create a more unique photo, try Aviary. We use this app when we want to only highlight certain colors from the original photo (see “No Parking” photo above). Instead of just going with black and white, try highlighting certain shades in the photo like reds or blues. This works especially well if the photo is too color-busy and may not seem as Instagram-worthy.